Cybersecurity for Agile teams
Securing Development Together

Digital transformation and agile practices like DevOps and CI/CD drives the need of cybersecurity within the development lifecycle. Agile teams create, deploy and operate applications together with their infrastructure. Colint cybersecurity services are tailored to fit this workflow.


Colint services

  • Hands-on cybersecurity training for developers
    Cybersecurity training done in the context of your ongoing development work is more efficient than traditional awareness training for developers. We can teach you how to apply security best practices continuously. As a bonus, you'll get a kick-start in your journey towards security as part of the development lifecycle.
  • Security design review
    Are you in the process of designing a new application or feature? Maybe you created a threat model and are uncertain if you identified the right threats? A security review is an efficient method to identify these weaknesses together - even if you haven’t started coding yet. Based on the security design documents created during the review, you will get expert guidance and best practices to use in your design and development work.
  • Cloud security and defense in depth
    You might be using cloud already, or maybe you are planning to make your next killer application cloud native? Robust security is implemented in multiple layers, and we can work together to improve your cloud security posture. We need to identify what types of threats to mitigate, and implement protection against these. We also need to detect and respond if the protection is breached, and recover as quickly as possible to minimize the downtime. You will get a better understanding on the relationship between monitoring, detection, and the development work required to support it. We help you adopt 'Least privilege design' and 'Assume breach' strategies in your cloud services.
  • Software Security Initiatives (SSI) and DevSecOps at scale
    Already decided that you want security to be part of development? Colint can help your organization (small or large) to establish a cybersecurity culture and grow your software security and DevSecOps initiatives. This is not only about training the teams and getting management buy-in. It is a culture change that takes time, and it’s about setting the goals and ambitions long-term with regards to cybersecurity. We also help you with maturity assessments/follow-up based on OWASP SAMM and BSIMM to ensure that security work is done continuously in all teams.

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